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Man Power/Labour Solutions

Discover the power of specialised Labour Contract supply at NEKE HR Services, offering a minimum of 10 Hindi labours perfectly tailored to meet your organizational needs. Whether you are in Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or anywhere around it, we stand as your trusted partners in sourcing reliable and skilled man power.

Our Approach at NEKE HR SERVICES

-Client Consultation

NEKE HR Services initiates every partnership with in-depth consultations to grasp your manpower needs, job specifications and organisational dynamics. Through meticulous analysis, we tailor our solutions to fit your requirements precisely.

“Unleash the Strength of a Team. We’ve Got Your Workforce Covered.”

-Talent Selection

With precision and expertise, NEKE HR Services selects the right talents tailored to your unique demands. Our thorough screening process ensures we provide skilled individuals perfectly suited to integrate into your organization seamlessly.

-Seamless Integration

Upon contract signing, NEKE HR seamlessly integrates our workforce into your operations. Our transparent billing system, based on actual work hours, ensures cost-effectiveness and clarity throughout our partnership.

-Ongoing Support

NEKE HR Services’ commitment extends beyond mere placement. We conduct regular site visits, assessing work environments and promptly addressing any concerns to ensure a stable and productive workforce.

Choose NEKE HR Services for a workforce solution that goes beyond the conventional, providing you with not just labour but a strategic partnership dedicated to your success. Let us shape a workforce that aligns seamlessly with your goals and contributes to the growth of your organisation.