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ESI and PF Compliance

NEKE HR Services is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of ESI and PF compliance for your business. Our founding principle revolves around providing comprehensive social security benefits, safeguarding employees’ needs from sickness to retirement emergencies. We take pride in our unique approach that seamlessly blends business and legal perspectives, ensuring holistic solutions for your workforce’s welfare.

Key Services

-Registration under ESIC and EPF Act: We streamline the registration process, guiding you through ESIC and EPF Act registration to ensure compliance from the very beginning.

-Monthly Contribution Challans: Our experts facilitate the generation of monthly contribution challans, simplifying the contribution process and keeping your records accurate.

-ESI/PF Number Generation: We take care of the entire process, ensuring the smooth and efficient generation of ESI/PF numbers for your employees.

-Timely Remittance of Contributions: Our commitment extends to ensuring timely remittance of contributions, relieving you from administrative burdens and potential penalties.

-Statutory Registers and Audits: NEKE HR Services handles the preparation and submission of statutory registers and we expertly manage ESI/PF statutory audits to guarantee compliance.

-Accident and Death Claims: In unfortunate circumstances, we navigate the complexities of accident and death claims, providing compassionate support and facilitating the necessary processes.

Choosing NEKE HR Services means choosing a partner dedicated to the seamless integration of compliance and compassion. Let us handle the intricacies of ESI and PF compliance, allowing you to focus on what matters most, the success and well-being of your workforce.